With heavy hearts we have to share that sweet 17 year old Lovey passed away. Lovey came to us December 2018 from a hoarder situation. Lovey had a very large, non surgical tumor in her neck, was emaciated from neglect and missing most of her hair. She was also the first chin out of the 22 hoarder chins to shower love on us in every way, and trusted us from the first second she was in my arms. She loved to be held and would snuggle in a blanket in your arms forever. She also would lick your face, if given the chance! The one week of life she spent here in the rescue - hopefully the best week ever, was filled with all her old chinchilla pals, new human pals and just about every treat she could get her hands on. Rest in Peace sweet Lovey, it was a pleasure caring for you.


Primrose came to us from a sad situation. She was very stressed out and although her owners meant well, they were not educated on the special needs of chinchillas. Prim was barbered, on a poor diet and in her 7+ years had never had any physical human contact. We tried our best to socialize her but quickly realized that damage had been done that was beyond repair. It took weeks for her to allow us to approach the cage withouot spraying us and vocalizing. After a while we noticed Prom was slowing down and not eating- she was in kidney failure. She was humanely euthanized because even simple treatment like oral medication or fluids was next to impossible without giving her a stress induced heart attack. Prim sent us a message in her short time with us- every little life is important and deserves attention, love and care.


Little Apollo came from our rescue, with his brother, and found a wonderful home with the Scocozza family. He sadly succumb to malocclusion (dental disease) and was put to sleep to spend his days keeping company of all of our little loved ones gone by.


ChinFriends would like to pay its respects to little Gerald who has recently passed away. Gerald was saved by a wonderful adopter after being left in a small cage by a set of dumpsters and lived out the rest of his life happy and loved.


A memorial for a chin friend... My name is Tennille and I have owned chinchillas for 10+ years. My husband and I have an ~7 year old female named Houdini and a 7 month old female named Mars. Before we got Mars, we had a 2 year old male named Dusty. We were planning on having him neutered so we could room him with Houdini without fear of a pregnancy. We had him neutered by an exotic specialist I have been going to for as long as I have had chinchillas and he was sent home. Shortly thereafter he passed away. It was determined a technician had given him an incorrect pain medication and his system couldn't metabolize it. Needless to say we were heartbroken. He was a special part of our family for 2 weeks and we miss him dearly. We love our new baby Mars but losing Dusty left a large hole in our hearts.


Yesterday was a sad day for everyone here at Chin Friends. We lost one of our "senior" chinnies, dear little Virgil. He was adopted over a year ago by two very special adopters- Carol and Dale, and has had a lot of medical ups and downs over the past few months. Virgil was one of those one-in-a-million critters. He was a pure companion animal, and not a pet. He spent all day, every day, in the lap of his favorite person, the one his soul was meant to find, his adopted mom Carol.

Virgil touched the hears of everyone he met, including his very special veterinarians Dr Saver and Dr Miller at Catnip and Carrots. They both worked very hard to keep his quality of life where it should be, and then in the end they held him as he passed away. We will be forever grateful for having Virgil in our lives, and equally grateful that he brought such great adopters and great veterinarians into our circle of friends and family. RIP Virgil, you deserve the peace you have found. You have left a hole in many hearts but you also have made us all better people for knowing you!


Poco had a very sad life before he came to Chin Friends. He was not cared for properly and came to us covered in urine, skinny and sickly and smelling horrible. His whole life changed when he met adopters Carol and Dale. They gave him the love, care and attention he deserved the whole time. Poco quickly forgot how humans had been so mean in the past and he embraced the great new lifestyle he had. He started eating, grooming and became a social little love with his parents. Nothing made him happier than eating raspberries and sitting in Carol’s lap. We all knew he would not be around very long, but made each day the best day ever. Poco finally decided to leave this life on November 13th 2013, just about 2 months after he was adopted. He left behind a great family who will never forget him!


Pixie was part of a dynamic chin duo with her chin buddy Dust, and was a handful of chubby chin love. Pixie was a non-stop ball of crazy chinchilla and will be missed dearly. RIP Pixie.

Wee One

Umber has been a resident of Chin Friends for the past few months, along with his son Flint. Nicknamed “Wally” by his foster mother, he quickly became a special part of her family. Umber passed suddenly. We expect he had a heart condition. He left behind his son Flint, who is getting extra attention from his foster mom, and hopefully will be bonded to a new friend soon. Umber was a beautiful little soul, and will be missed by his foster mom and previous owners.


It is with heavy hearts we are sharing the news of the passing of little Wee One, the baby chin who came to us a couple weeks ago at one day of age. His littermate died at less than 24 hours old, probably due to a liver issue. Wee One has been gaining weight with the help of hand feeding suppliments, but in the past 24 hours had lost 10 grams out of nowhere. He has been a fighter, as is his mother Firefly who has been battling severe ear infection and cat bites since we got her. RIP Wee One, I am glad you were loved for your short time with us!


Ponyo was a 15+ year old chinchilla, who had been through a few rescues in his day. He was a sweet, social boy who was just waiting for the right person to come along. They finally did come along- but Pony quickly responded in a poor way to being moved. Unfortunately after settling into his new home, he passed away shortly after. He never got sick or depressed- he just passed away suddenly. Ponyo was a great boy, and we were lucky to share our home with him over the past year.


Jingles came from a Petland Discount back in 2001, after sitting in the store for a year because no one would buy him. He was completely panicked around people, and bit a lot. He was the 2nd chinchilla in the life of Michelle, the founder of Chin Friends, and one of the reasons she decided to go into chinchilla rescue. Jingles was never 100% happy with people, but absolutely adored other chinchillas. He lived for many years with his mate Rosie (after a neuter), and after Rosie died he bonded with our bunny Faraday and stayed with him for 3 years. Jingles was at least 11 when he passed away from renal failure, but since he was acquired as an adult, we can’t be sure of his true age. He has left a huge hole in our hearts, and that of his bunny friend Faraday.


Whiskey came to us in November of 2011, with some of the most severe dental problems our vet had ever seen. She had sedated dental procedures, done to trim her molar crowns, every 2 weeks for almost 3 months, but still her teeth grew, causing sores in her mouth and chronic drooling. Yet she remained one of the most affectionate chinchillas we have ever met, loved to be scratched an rubbed by humans, and especially loved interacting with the other chinchillas. Because of her chronic drooling, she could not live with another chin because they would get completely saturated with her drool, from her sleeping on them like a pillow. Every week Whiskey got a warm bath at the vet, and slept in a warm incubator until her coat was dry enough for the trip back home. On May 16th she had another sedated dental, but this time the anesthesia was too much for her and she never woke up. Whiskey was so special, and will be missed by many people.

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