Do Chinchillas Need a Running Wheel?

Do Chinchillas Need a Running Wheel?

Chinchilla wheel is an important aspect when it comes to getting a well set out cage that can mimic its natural environment. For Chinchillas, regular exercise is needed to keep them healthy and happy. Chinchillas are active creatures happy and healthy especially when living in a cage with a wheel to exercise with. And provided that there is plenty of space to run around in. A wheel keeps them entertained, while still providing essential exercise for them.

With their short built front legs, strong and muscular back legs, Chinchillas love to play and climb on rocks. A wheel and a well set-out cage can help to mimic its natural environment. The chinchilla is mostly nocturnal and so, you can always give it a limited time to exercise and play and this makes the wheel a great nocturnal exercise accessory. When you find the right wheel for your beloved Chinchilla can be a hard task, but you can always check the reviews in this article to be sure about the kind of wheels to get.

Chinchilla Wheel

Best Chinchilla Wheels

Kaytee Silent Spinner Small Animal Exercise Wheel

The Silent Spinner exercise wheel from this brand is one top brand for your Chinchilla. It will give your pets the exercise it needs without making lots of noise in the cage. Chinchillas are nocturnal so it is a great feature that will make sure it doesn’t keep you up at night. It uses a smooth ball bearing design to keep it silent and smooth and the surface is made from high-quality plastic that is safe enough for the feet of your pet. It can also be used as a free-standing heel that can be easily attached to the inside of your pet’s cage. The best chinchilla wheels has no holes that can hurt your Chinchilla.


*Smooth running surface.

*Silent spinning.


*Screws strip easily

Kaytee Comfort Small Animal Exercise Wheel

The Kaytee Comfort Small animal wheel is one of the best for Chinchillas because it provides a silent and fun work out for your Chinchilla. It also features a safe running surface that has ridges to help with grip and a unique and safe design to ensure that your Chinchilla doesn’t get its tail stuck inside the wheel. But it comes with a heavy duty with which allows it to be used as a free standing wheel or you can easily attach it to the inside of the cage.



*Safe running surface.


*Often difficult to attach to the cage. Read More

Providing the Most Suitable Waterer for Horses

Providing proper care for your horse includes supplying clean water for drinking. You can opt to do it manually or have one of the best automatic waterers for horses installed in the equine’s stall. When it comes to the most suitable option to do so, you can find a good variety of methods to choose from so that clean potable water will be made available for your horse any time of the day.

Suitable Waterer for Horses

Water Is Essential to a Horse’s Overall Health

Water is the most essential element to a horse’s nutrition. Limited or inadequate consumption of water will affect the horse’s overall body functions. And to ensure that your horse will remain healthy, it should be provided with clean, fresh water throughout the day. Note how important water is to one’s health:

  1. Adequate water consumption is essential in maintaining the horse’s body temperature;
  2. Water serves as lubricants to the joints;
  3. Water in the body also serves as a cushion for the central nervous system;
  4. Consuming an adequate amount or water is necessary to digest ingested food properly;
  5. Water is need for the eyes and ears to function as they are designed;
  6. An adequate water level in the body is also necessary in eliminating toxins from the body;
  7. Water is also needed to replace any liquid lost through sweating and urination;
  8. Consuming an adequate amount of water can also help maintain an elastic skin tone.

Managing Waterer for Horses

To ensure that your horse has immediate access to clean drinking water any time, you need to make sure that there is an appropriate waterer set in a suitable location within the horse’s stable. Moreover, whatever option you go with, you need to make sure that the waterer is well-kept and cleaned thoroughly. Whether it be a traditional bucket, trough, or an automatic waterer, should be scrubbed to ensure that no organisms, such as algae will grow in them. Make sure that there won’t be any foreign matter that can impart its flavor and affect the quality of water kept in any of those waterers. This will help ensure that your horse’s water consumption will not be affected as it will continue to enjoy a continuous supply of fresh, clean drinking water that it needs to stay healthy and perform related body functions.

It is also important that no stagnant water remains in the waterer as this will attract insects and other bacteria and disease-carrying animals. Remember that any unclean water left in the waterer are good breeding ground of these bacteria that can cause water-borne diseases such as Salmonella.

The changing weather conditions can also affect the quality of water supplied through the waterer. Hot climates will evidently make the water flowing from the waterer to feel and taste warm. This may prevent the horse from consuming more of the water that it usually enjoys. This can result to digestion problems, changes in the horse’s temperament, as well as affect its overall health. A warm climate can also make the water kept in the waterer to become stagnant. Soon enough this waterer will become the breeding ground of bacteria and algae.

During colder seasons, your horse may refuse to drink water if it finds that the water supplied through the waterer is too cold. This can also lead to similar health problems. And if the horse limits its water consumption, it can easily become thin or malnourished. It will find eating its feed undesirable since it finds it difficult to digest foods offered to it. If not addressed immediately and properly, this can be fatal to the horse. Read More