About Us

Chin Friends Chinchilla Rescue was started because the exotic pet trade in our country is busier than ever before. With the growing availability of these animals, many people purchase them on impulse, not realizing the financial or time commitment they are making. Some owners may just lose interest, or due to changes their pet(s) do not fit into their lifestyle anymore. There are not many resources for owners with exotic pets, and we aim to provide that for chinchilla owners.

Chin Friends Chinchilla Rescue is located in Suffolk County, on Long Island, NY. We will be glad to assist with adoptions and surrenders from anywhere in New York State, or the surrounding states, as long as you are willing to make the trip to us. We will not ship a chinchilla under any circumstances. Adopters will be required to travel here to adopt their chinchilla so we may meet you and go over all details of the adoption in person. We will do our best to accommodate surrenderers who have a distance to travel. We have set up multiple designated “drop off points” from eastern Long Island to Queens to cut drive times down. If you are in a dire situation where you are unable to get to a drop off point please contact us at [email protected] We do have a network of volunteers that help us with critical surrenders. Please, these are for serious travel concerns only as volunteers are limited.

Chin Friends Chinchilla Rescue does not discriminate when it comes to taking in chinchillas. Age and health are not an issue, and we will do our best to provide medical care when needed. We heavily rely on donations for this, and appreciate anything you can give when you surrender your chinchilla to the rescue. We typically ask a $100 donation for any chinchilla we take in.

Chin Friends Chinchilla Rescue does not require home inspections, like many other rescues do. We also do not ask for a list of references. We assume if you are making the effort to adopt a chinchilla from us, that you will provide a safe home for it. We do however ask that if any time you do not have the resources to care for the chinchilla that you either return it to us, or ask us for help. Not everyone can provide a 100% perfect home at all times, but as long as you are willing to try, we are willing to help. We aim to make great homes, without assuming that you “know it all” to begin with. Being a good pet owner is about constantly educating yourself about your pet; evolving as a pet owner as you get to know your particular animal.